All India Rubber Industries Association

NRC 2017, Mumbai

About National Rubber Conference

All India Rubber Industry Association (AIRIA) has been playing a pivotal role in promoting the interest of its members and industry at large since 1945, National Rubber Conference (NRC) is an initiative of AIRIA to conduct a program for the industry so as to be well informed on the recent developments on raw materials, machinery, processes and industry trends. The event covers technical and commercial topics and is conducted annually in different region of the country from time to time.

The theme of the event this year is "Make in India - Import Substitution & Product Innovation". Its is expected to bring together over 300 experts and delegates including government officials, rubber producers and processors, traders, importers & exporter’s, commodity and investment analyst, rubber machinery and equipment suppliers and their supporting industries. The event will have over 20 eminent speakers. The topics covered will be diverse and varied such as Understanding of Butadiene, Natural Rubber - Emerging trends, Engineering with Rubber, Gearing up for Bharat 6, Single wall Carbon nanotubes, Advancement in TPVs, Advancement in Process additives, Specialized testing of rubber products amongst others. There will be high powered panel discussions on innovation by leaders from the Indian industry.

NRC Mumbai 2017 will be a high caliber event. India is on a high growth trajectory and in the Centre of global growth for next few decades, The changing working environment on demonetization, GST introduction, interest rate fluctuation, currency rate volatility and focus government sets the new 'Normal' for Indian industries. NRC Mumbai aims to bring clarity on the above subjects and bring about a meaningful networking platform.

Event Videos

  • Inaugural Ceremony NRC, Mumbai 2017

  • Day 1 Impression NRC, Mumbai 2017

  • Panel Discussion on “Innovation” NRC, Mumbai 2017

  • Mrs. Pilloo Aga Award CeremonyNRC, Mumbai 2017

  • Voice of the ParticipantsNRC, Mumbai 2017

  • Day 2 Impression NRC, Mumbai 2017

  • Recognizing the PartnersNRC, Mumbai 2017

  • Valedictory Speech by Chief ConvenerNRC, Mumbai 2017