All India Rubber Industries Association

The Journey of AIRIA

  • Visit to Tripura for Destination Tripura Organised By the State Government by AIRIA ER.
  • 69th AGM and Export and Domestic Award Function At Mumbai at Mumbai.
  • Webinar on Rubber Industry and Insurance by AIRIA ER.
  • Webinar on Business Avenues with Indian Railways -Role of RDSO by AIRIA WR.
  • Visit of Hon Union Minister of State for Minority Affairs Sri John Barla with President at Kolkata.
  • Felicitation of the President Dr Sawar Dhanania and Certificate Distribution Program of ACCRT Course at AIRIA Pune Chapter.
  • Webinar on Absorption of Talent Gap in the Industry By AIRIA ER.
  • Annual Sport Meet - Cricket by AIRIA SR.
  • Technical Seminar at Vasai Mumbai by AIRIA WR.
  • Participation in Bengal Global Trade Expo 2022 at Kolkata by AIRIA ER.
  • Participation at MSME EXPO 2022 at Andheri Mumbai by AIRIA -HO.
  • National Rubber Conference at Delhi by AIRIA NR.
  • Interactive Sessions with Exporters and Raw Material Suppliers at Mumbai by Head Office.
  • Rubber Sport League 2022 at Kolkata.
  • National Rubber Conference at Mumbai by AIRIA WR.
  • Technical And Skill Development Meet At Jalandhar by AIRIA NR.
  • 70th AGM and Export and Domestic Award Function At Mumbai at Chennai.
  • Felicitation of the President Mr Ramesh Kejriwal and Certificate Distribution Program of ACCRT Course 2021-22 at AIRIA Pune Chapter.
  • President’s And Pune Chapter Members Visited Auto Cluster Development & Research Institute, Pune.

  • Webinar by AIRIA - ER "Alternate Session organized by Managing Risk & Safeguarding the Industry.
  • AIRIA - Pune Chapter Present Webinar on "Entrepreneurship Development" Presented by Shri Dattatraya Ambulkar.
  • AIRIA - Pune Chapter, Western Region Women's Day Celebration at Poona Club.
  • AIRIA - Western Region's Ingenuity of Spirit of giving to be a part of the breakthrough - Covid 19.
  • Online Interactive Session on Current Supply Crisis & Price Surge of Raw Materials: Rubber Industry - organized by AIRIA Eastern Region.
  • Webinar on "Moulding on Rubber Products” organized by AIRIA - WR presented by : Dr. S. N. Chakrabarty.
  • Webinar on "Silica Rubber and its Properties, Uses and Manufacturing" organized by AIRIA - WR presented by Mr. Sunny Wadhwa.
  • Webinar on "Credit Facilities for MSME's" organized by AIRIA - WR presented by Shri. Ajit Nath Jha, General Manager, SIDBI.
  • A Report on Vaccination Drive Activity organized by AIRIA Eastern Region.
  • Webinar on "Cause on Failure of Rubber Products" organized by AIRIA - WR presented by Dr. S. N. Chakrabarty.
  • Webinar on "TN Govt. Schemes for MSMEs" organized by AIRIA - SR presented by Dr. E. Bhaskaran.
  • Webinar on Latest GST Requirements Organized by AIRIA - SR presented by Mr. Sumit Kedia, CA-partner, M/s Lunawath & Associates, Chennai.
  • Webinar on "How to Handle Department Audit Under GST" organized by AIRIA - ER.
  • Webinar on "Rubber Compounding for Flame Retardancy and Low Temperature Flexibility of Rubber Products" organized by Pune Chapter (AIRIA-WR) presented by Mr. Prafulla Patil & Mr. Abbas Bootwala.
  • AIRIA - Pune Chapter (WR) organized webinar on "Basic Rubber Technology & Compounding to solve Practical Problems" presentation delivered by Dr. Shiva M. Shetty.

  • NRC 2019- Kolkata.
  • AIRIA NR organized factory visit to ISRPL.
  • AIRIA-WR Gujarat Chapter visited to Fluoroelastomer (FKM) Plant of Gujarat Fluorochemicals Ltd. Bharuch.
  • Northern Region organizes Seminar at FDDI.
  • AIRIA-WR Gujarat Chapter successfully organized Technical Seminar in Ahmedabad.
  • Interactive session on latest GST rules & Regulations with specific focus on MSMEs by AIRIA-SR.
  • AIRIA-WR successfully organized a Technical Seminar at Vasai.
  • IRMRA conducted Technical workshop in Association with AIRIA-Pune Chapter at Pune.
  • AIRIA- Northern Region members visit Elastomers Customer Support Center of RIL, Vadodara.
  • AIRIA-WR Pune Chapter- Certificate Course in rubber Technology on 6th batch.
  • 4th Annual Sports Meet 2020 organized by AIRIA-SR.
  • AIRIA-ER Review hour: 20 days after Budget 2020.
  • Webinar on "People are the Real Assets: Strategies for Workforce Management" presented by Mansour Lodi.
  • Webinar on "Cash is King: Rethinking Working Capital Planning and Cash Flow Management" Presented by Mr. Sekhar Doraswamy.
  • Webinar on "The Next Round of Employer Challenges: bringing workers back and employee well-being Management" presented by Mr. Mansour Lodi.
  • Webinar on "Goods and Services Tax (GST)" organized by AIRIA presented by Adv. V. Lakshmikumaran.
  • Webinar on "Customs, Foreign Trade Policy and Trade Remedies" organized by AIRIA and presented by Adv. V Lakshmikumaran. & Adv. T Vishwanathan.
  • AIRIA Organized a Technical Webinar on "Advances and Future Perspectives of Silica in Rubbers".
  • AIRIA Presents Interactive Session on "Preparing for RoDTEP Calculations with Mr. Rohit Jain, Partner, Economic Laws Practice.
  • A Report on Webinar Session Organized by AIRIA-ER "Colloquium for MSME Schemes and Policies".
  • AIRIA Webinar Series : Understanding Rubber Chemicals Damage mechanisms-ARDL. Service life Prediction model, Chemical Mechanism of Aging, Rubber Aging and Modulus Profiling and Diffusion Ltd. Oxidation Model.
  • AIRIA Dialogues - What Next.
  • Best HR Practices to NEXT HR Practices.
  • Factory 2.0 Quality Management System.
  • Panel discussion - impact of Covide-19 Lockdown and Way Forward for the Industry.
  • Businesses Surviving 2020: Sustainability and profitability during & after COVID-19.
  • Cost of Quality & It's Impact on profitability in Rubber Industry.
  • Legal aspects of Covid-19.
  • COVID-19 lockdown : RSDV's Partners provide Essentials.

  • AIRIA’s mega event "India Rubber Expo-2019" 10th edition was organized at Goregaon, Mumbai.
  • AIRIA Supports short-term course in rubber technology with IIT Khargpur under AIRIA Education Trust.
  • Factory Visti by AIRIA ER to Raghudevpur Rubber Moulding Cluster, Howrah.
  • AIRIA ER Hosts Seminar on IPO financing for growing companies.
  • Eastern Region hosts seminar on export potential of footwear and other rubber products.
  • Western Region - Pune Chapter celebrates Foundation Day.
  • Education Trust (AIRIA-ET) Scholarship to Kamaraj College by AIRIA SR.
  • Export Awareness Workshop at the Conference Hall of Federation of Indian Export Organization by Eastern Region.
  • One day workshop on export awareness and training program Organized by Eastern Region.
  • AIRIA Participates in Tire Technology Expo, Hannover (Germany).
  • 3rd Rubber Sports League organized by Northern Region of AIRIA at New Delhi.
  • The Annual Sports 2019 organized by AIRIA Southern Region.
  • Invited Talk by Mr. Vikram Makar President, AIRIA at Development of Polymer Engineering MIT World peace University, Pune.
  • Rubber Sports League 2018-19 Organized by AIRIA, ER.
  • The Eighth Edition of National Rubber Conference, NRC'19 Organized by Northern Region-AIRIA.
  • Awareness Program on First Aid & Basic Life Support Training for Rubber Industries - Organized by Pune chapter Western Region.
  • Discussion between AIRIA WR Members & Consul - General of the Royal Thai Consulate
  • Technical Seminar held at Hotel Holiday Inn Mumbai Organized by Western Region -AIRIA.
  • Symposium : Digital Security & Business Awareness and Innovation Financing at The Astor, Kolkata
  • Felicitation of Dr. Sawar Dhanania : New Chairman of the Rubber Board
  • Seminar on Art of Reading of Electricity Bill & Fire Risk involved in Rubber Industry - Organized by Pune Chapter -Western Region.
  • Rubber Investors Presentation Meet at Kolkata
  • AIRIA SR's National Rubber Conference (NRC 2019).
  • AIRIA - WR Gujarat Chapter successfully organized Technical Seminar in Ahmedabad at Hotel Radisson Blu, Ahmedabad.
  • MoU signed between MIT World Peace University (MIT-WPU), Pune-AIRIA
  • AIRIA-WR - Pune Chapter Presents Seminar on "Savings in running of Rubber Factory" presented by Mr. Abbas Bootwala & Mr. Prafulla Patil
  • AIRIA - Western Region organized its 8th Edition of National Rubber Conference (NRC) at Hotel Grand Hyatt, Mumbai.
  • 67th Annual General Meeting 2018-19 held at Pune
  • AIRIA participated in the Indian Delegation ISO/TC45 at DIN, Berlin.

  • Pune Chapter Organises Seminar on Revised Guidelines of IATF 16949:2016
  • Technical Seminar by IRI, Chennai
  • AIRIA Participates in Auto Expo, Pune
  • AIRIA - ER hosts NRC 2017 and ICEP 2018 at Guwahati
  • Technical Seminar held by Western Region at Pune
  • AIRIA Participate at the 2018 Tire Technology Expo and conference
  • Awareness programme on energy efficient Technologies for rubber industry
  • National Rubber Conference, 2018 by all the regions of AIRIA
  • IRE 2019 Roadshows in 7 different cities (Ahmedabad, Vasai, Nashik, Pune, Jalandhar, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai)
  • AIRIA conducts National Training and Meet 2018 in Mumbai
  • Seminar on "SME - Financing - Prospects and challenges and fire safety, services and license Renewal"
  • Seminar on "Scheme and facilities for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises"
  • AIRIA Business Delegation visits DKT 2018 at Germany
  • AIRIA - SR organizes Seminar at FDDI
  • New office - Bearers Elected at AIRIA-AGM
  • 1st Managing Committee Meeting

  • AIRIA Western Region – Pune Chapter celebrated 10th Foundation Day and conducted IRE 2017 Roadshow at Pune
  • IRE 17 - India Rubber Expo 2017 was held at the Chennai Trade Centre from the 19th to the 21st of January 2017
  • Seminar on Polyurethanes-Types, Properties and uses by AIRIA Northern Region
  • Seminar on Goods and Services Tax (GST) by AIRIA Northern Region
  • Interactive meet for a "Seminar on Demonetisation" by AIRIA - Eastern Region
  • Interactive meet for a "Export Awareness Workshop" by FIEO & AIRIA, Eastern Region
  • Interactive meet on "Rubber Skills Meet
    (RSM )" by AIRIA - Northern Region
  • Seminar on - Rubber Mixing/Compounding/Equipments & Additives by AIRIA - Western Region
  • Industrial Visit by AIRIA Gujarat Chapter to Universal Medicap Ltd. (UML)
  • National Rubber Conference, 2017 by all the regions of AIRIA
  • Technical Program by GRP Limited & AIRIA Western Region - Pune Chapter "Use of Reclaim Rubber in Various Applications"
  • Interactive meet for a "Seminar on Zero Defect Zero Effect" by AIRIA Eastern Region
  • Interactive meet for a "GST OUTREACH PROGRAMME" by AIRIA Eastern Region
  • Technical Seminar on Extrusions, Tyre Crumbs, GST & Other Topics - AIRIA - Western Region
  • Seminar on "High Performance, Speciality Chemicals & Fillers for Rubber" - 20 Microns Ltd., AIRIA Western Region - Pune Chapter
  • Seminar on GST & Help Desk for GST at Pune Chapter
  • Rubber Soccer League, 2017 by AIRIA - Eastern Region
  • AIRIA Northern Region Organises Workshop on Rubber Compounding
  • AIRIA - Western Region& NRC 2017 Mumbai. Donation Rs.5 Lacs to Nana PalkarSmrutiSamiti from the surplus received from NRC
  • AIRIA - China Delegate Visit - 19th to 22nd September, 2017
  • 65th Annual General Meeting
  • NRC 2017 and ICEP 2018 at BIMSTEC EXPO 2017 by AIRIA Eastern Region
  • Annual Get-together and Road Show on National Rubber Conference (NRC) 2017 and International Conference & Exhibition on Polymers (ICEP) 2018 - by Eastern Region
  • AIRIA - Western Region& RDME-2017 donated 2.5 Lacs to Punrutthan Samarasta Gurukulam Keshav
  • AIRIA Think Tank - 1st Brainstorming Meet at Neemrana, Jaipur

  • Foreign Delegation: Japan in Feb 2016, Thailand in June 2016 and Taiwan & Korea in July 2016.
  • First edition of RDME Exhibition held at Pune.
  • Gujarat Chapter formed under Western Region.
  • Mr. P K Mohamed has become the proud recipient of the K.M. Philip Award for 2016.
  • 9th India Rubber Expo being held at Chennai Exhibition Centre, Chennai between 19th to 21nd January, 2017.

  • 8th India Rubber Expo & Tyre Show along with Conference & Workshop organized at New Delhi on January, 2015
  • Ministry of Commerce constitutes an expert committee for Rubber Sector
  • K M Philip Award 2015 is awarded to Mr. M F Vohra
  • National Skill Development Council announces that Rubber is a prominent sector for Skill development
  • National Rubber Conference 2015 is held on the 4 metro cities with theme "Path to Future - Stride with NRC"
  • New Foreign Trade Policy unveiled by the Ministry of Commerce
  • AIRIA Celebrates its 70 Years Anniversary
  • AIRIA had a meeting with Director & Consul Government of Thailand
  • AIRIA NR Organizes seminar on EPDM Profiles for Automotive Industry and Financing schemes for MSME
  • AIRIA ER organizes seminar on financial management, meetings with SIDBI, talk on "Sustainable Research Activity" for Indian Rubber Industry, silicone rubber session
  • AIRIA ER Organizes seminar on MSME Sector - VISION 2020
  • AIRIA WR & Pune Chapter Organizes Coffee with Chairman; a series of meetings to discuss local issues, also organized programs like meet the mentors, Sharpen your Skills – a short Crash course on Rubber & Polymer.
  • AIRIA WR & Pune Chapter also organized seminar on Organic Peroxides, Seminar on Impact of FTA on SME Sector, Interactive meetings with Joint Commissioner and Dy Commissioner of Sales Tax.
  • AIRIA WR for the first time organizes Rubber Sports League - Sport with a Cause
  • AIRIA Pune Chapter along with Pune District Education Association Commences Diploma courses in Rubber Chemistry & Processing.

  • National Rubber Conference
  • Seminar on Benefits of Exports by AIRIA-Western Region
  • Seminars on National Policy on Rubber
  • Seminar on ‘’Family Business-Opportunities and Challenges” by AIRIA Eastern Region
  • Philippine Trade visit to AIRIA head office and Factory visits
  • Presentation of Thomas Hancock to Dr Ranjit Mathan
  • Seminar on Importance of communication skill & Stress Management.
  • Seminar on Current changes in Excise Laws by AIRIA Western Region
  • Representation to Government of India on safe Guard Duty an finished rubber products
  • FTAs Killing MSME and seeks rectification of inverted duty structure
  • First Meeting of stakeholders on National Rubber Policy
  • Inauguration of Rubber Technology classroom at Government Polytechnic Bandra, Mumbai
  • Opening of Pune Chapter Office
  • First Batch of RSDC Certified Trainees In the Rubber Plantation sector felicitated at Tripura
  • AIRIA Export Awards 2013-2014

  • 7th India Rubber Expo & Tyre Show along with Conference & Workshop organized at Mumbai from 22-24 January, 2013.
  • AIRIA Invites Nominations for Rubber Technology-Innovation Award 2013
  • AIRIA Celebrating Rubber India Day along with 1st Anniversary of ‘’Ri Weekly’’
  • Chinese Delegation Visit to AIRIA, ATMA and IRMRA
  • AIRIA Export Award

  • National Rubber Conference 2012 has been organized at Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata & Mumbai.

  • 6th India Rubber Expo 2011 held at Chennai between 19th to 22nd January, 2011.

  • Study on demand supply gap of NR was entrusted to M/s Ernst & Young.
  • Mr. R.K. Raman has become the proud recipient of the K.M. Philip Award for 2010.

  • “India Rubber Expo -2009”, was held alongwith International Conference from 28th to 31st January 2009 at Kolkata organized jointly with CII
  • Association jointly with BIS hosted for the third time ISO TC-45 conference held at Kochi from 26th-30th October 2009.

  • AIRIA-NR and CII has organized “Rubtech 2008” an exhibition between 23rd to 26th February,2008 at Delhi.

  • "India Rubber Expo -2007" , International Conference organised at Chennai.
  • Association has signed a MOU with CII for jointly organizing fifth "India Rubber Expo -2009" Being held at Kolkata in January, 2009.
  • Eastern Region has started monthly news letter "Rubber Watch".
  • The K.M.Philip Award was given to Mr. Anil K. Sampat.

  • Association moved to its newly owned premises at Pramukh Plaza, Andheri, Mumbai.
  • Association participated at TPE & Rubber Expo Asia held at Bangkok.

  • 'India Rubber Expo 2005, International conference and Buyer Seller Meet organized at Mumbai.
  • Tie up with K.J. Somaiya Institute of Management Studies & Research, Mumbai for conducting training courses on different facets of Management.
  • ‘Auto Cluster Development & Research Institute Ltd.’ was established at Pune with AIRIA Pune Chapter as a stake holder.
  • Diamond Jubilee of AIRIA Celebrated at a two days function held at Kolkata. (E) Southern Region has started monthly news letter “Rubber News-South”

  • Association participated at “Expobor Brazil 2004” an international exhibition held at Sao Paulo, Brazil.

  • "India Rubber Expo 2003", was Organized at Mumbai.
  • Association participated at “Rubber Expo” Cleveland, USA.
  • Association participated at international exhibition 'Autopromotec' Bologna, Italy.
  • Northern Region has started monthly news letter ‘Rubber News Digest”

  • Purchase of new office for Eastern Region.
  • Delegation to ‘Chinaplas 2002’ at Shanghai, China, through AIPMA.
  • Visit to “Rubber Mini Expo-2002”, Pittsburgh, USA.
  • Delegation to Rubber Tech China 2002, Shanghai, China.

  • IRE' 01 launched

  • Participation in Aseanrubber ’99, Singapore - international exhibition 2 and ½ years Diploma Course in Rubber Technology started at Government Polytechnic, Bandra, Mumbai along with testing laboratory with the help of the Rubber Board.

  • Delegation to K-98 Dusseldorf, Germany.

  • Chair in Rubber Technology Institute at Anna University, Tamil Nadu.
  • The K.M.Philip Award was given to Mr.S.V.Lathia

  • The K.M.Philip Award was given to Mr.W.G.Desai.

  • Golden Jubilee celebrated by organizing first International Rubber Conference ‘Rubgold-94’ at Bombay and closing ceremony of Golden Jubilee organised at Kolkata through conference.

  • Members Directory with product classification was published for the first time.
  • K. M. Philip Award consisting of cash prize of Rs.1 lac and Gold Medal instituted for individuals for rendering outstanding services to Rubber Industries was instituted by the Rubber Research & Development Foundation, under the aegis of AIRIA and same was awarded to Mr. Manu M. Patel.

  • Federal structure introduced with 4 regional offices at Delhi, Madras, Calcutta and Bombay, with Head Office at Bombay.

  • Hosted national seminar ‘Rubtech - 91’ at Bombay.

  • AIRIA Education Trust established.

  • The Federal structure came into place some times in 1979-80. After 2 years of the Federal structure coming into place, WR had its first chairman, Mr.K.D.Shah

  • First ever Rubber Manufacturers Directory of India was published.
  • Association name was changed to ‘All India Rubber Industries Association'.

  • Silver Jubilee celebrated and honorary membership instituted for individuals for their outstanding contributions to the Association

  • Association hosted its first ever International Standard Organization Rubber Goods Panel meeting (ISO TC - 45) at Delhi.

  • IRMRA formed.

  • Association along with National Chemical Laboratories Pune, launched Indian Rubber

  • First ever Conference on Rubber along with Exhibition held at Kolkata.

  • Monthly Magazine ‘Rubber India’ launched.

  • Association opened office at Kolkata.

  • Few of the leading Entrepreneurs of Rubber Industry got together and formed Indian Rubber Industries Association.
  • Association nominated one Representative to Rubber Board as per request of Govt. of India.