All India Rubber Industries Association

About Us

What is AIRIA (All India Rubber Industries Association)?

The All India Rubber Industries Association (AIRIA) is a not for profit making body serving the rubber industry and trade with the objectives of safeguarding and promoting interests of the industry.

Need for an Association

To associate is to share, is to feel one with all those connected with the same industry or trade. Out of unity emerges a united voice and strength for the articulation of problems, for solution and better prospects. For an industry, progress emanates from better understanding and mutual co-operation amongst its members, and meaningful services through a common forum – an Association and hence its need.

Class of Membership

There shall be six classes of members of the Association.
  • Ordinary Patron Members
  • Associate Patron Members
  • Ordinary Members
  • Associate Members
  • Technical Members
  • Association Members
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