All India Rubber Industries Association


What is AIRIA ?Open or Close

The All India Rubber Industries Association (AIRIA) is a non-profit making body serving the rubber industry and trade with the objectives of safeguarding and promoting interests of the industry.

What is the Status of AIRIA ?Open or Close

AIRIA is established in 1945 and registered under section 25 Companies Act,1956.

What is Organisation structure of AIRIAOpen or Close

AIRIA has Head Office at Mumbai and regional offices at Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai and a Chapter office at Pune

How AIRIA is Administrated?Open or Close

The Administration and Management of the affairs of the Association is vested in a body called " Managing Committee".

What are Membership Categories of AIRIA ?Open or Close

There shall be six classes of members of the Association.

  • Ordinary Patron Members : All / any Company which is carrying on the manufacture of finished goods or partly finished goods from Natural, Synthetic, Reclaim Rubber or Latex (Natural / Synthetic) shall be eligible to become Patron Member, who, for a one time payment of Rs. 5,00,000/- can enjoy, life long, all the privileges of Ordinary Membership.
  • Associate Patron Members : Any firm or company engaged in the manufacture / supply/indenting of raw material, machinery or equipment or dealer /supplier of finished rubber goods can become a Patron Member by paying a onetime fee of Rs. 5,00,000/- and enjoy all the privileges, life long, of an Associate Member.
  • Ordinary Members : Any person or firm having an established place of business in India and carrying on or having obtained a licence from the Government to carry on the manufacture of finished goods or partly finished goods from Natural, synthetic, Reclaim rubber or Latex (Natural and Synthetic) shall be eligible to become Ordinary Member of the Association.
  • Associate Members : Any person or firm having an established place of business in India and carrying on the processing or semi-processing of finished or partly finished rubber goods or dealing in rubber goods or trading as suppliers of raw materials, machinery, etc., to the rubber industry or acting as consultants or advisers - technical or otherwise to the Rubber Industry shall be eligible to become Associate Member of the Association.
  • Technical Memebers : Any qualified person residing in India having any of the following qualifications, is eligible to become a member in the Technical Class of the Association.
    • Any Science Graduate with Chemistry or Physics as principal subject or Engineering or Chemical Engineering Graduate connected with any branch of the rubber industry for a minimum period of two years.
    • Any person having a minimum of five years’ experience in a rubber factory as a Technician or in a rubber testing laboratory or in a rubber research institute.
    • Any person holding Licentiateship, Diploma, Degree, Associateship or Fellowship in rubber from any recognised Institute, College or University in India or abroad.
  • Associate Members Any Association or Chamber of Commerce in India or Abroad, connected with rubber goods industry or trade shall be eligible to become a member of the Association.

Why to join AIRIA ? Open or Close

  • AIRIA has 1250 plus members and represents a large section of the industry.
  • AIRIA's members constitute a large segment of the polymer consumption which is much more than one million tones. India is the fourth largest producer and second largest consumer of natural rubber and fifth largest consumer of polymers.
  • AIRIA provides a platform for interaction between Indian entrepreneurs, within India and rest of the world.
  • AIRIA receives and sends delegation abroad.
  • AIRIA assists in identification of partner for joint venture, location of consumers and suppliers as also provide help required in technical and manpower training.
  • AIRIA is active in promoting education and training in the rubber industry at the shop floor, under graduate and post graduate levels.
  • AIRIA is the voice of the rubber industry in India and represents the industry at all forums at the state, national and international levels.
  • AIRIA interacts with the Government of India on behalf of the rubber industry for direct and indirect taxation, environment norms, fixing quality standards and at the meeting of the Rubber Board etc.
  • AIRIA arranges international conferences, exhibitions “India Rubber Expo”, trade delegations, factory visits, techno-commercial talks and allied activities.
  • AIRIA recognizes its members’ contribution to the exports of Rubber Products, Rubber machinery and Raw Materials by giving “AIRIA Export Award” every year.
  • AIRIA disseminates information through the official organ “Rubber India,” periodicals and circulars and newsletters etc.
  • Members Directory is published in regular intervals giving all the details of the members, product classification and other useful information of the rubber industry.
  • AIRIA’s goal is to make India a significant player in all segments of the rubber industry.
  • The K.M.Philip Award is biennially presented under the aegis of AIRIA for outstanding contributions to the Indian Rubber Industry by an individual.
  • AIRIA has undertaken a Ten Point Action Plan to extend special assistance particularly to MSME sectors and to help the Indian Rubber Industry to be a major global player in near future and meet the challenges ahead.

Does AIRIA organize Exhibition? Open or Close

India Rubber Expo

The India Rubber Expo, which had its debut in 2001, is Asia's largest rubber expo and one of the most anticipated events in the regional rubber industry. Now in its Ninth International Exhibition and Conference to be held at the Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai, the India Rubber Expo continues to provide a valuable platform for growth, exchange and collaboration.

Offering a unique opportunity for Indian companies to meet, share information with and plan developments with overseas companies, it is a vital part of the thriving rubber industry, and a clear indicator of India's own status as the second fastest growing economy in the world.

More than a decade since its inception, the India Rubber Expo has grown in space allocation with every expo - from 3000sq meters in 2001 to 5000 sq. meters in 2003. 7000 sq. meters in 2005, and 10000 sq. meters in 2007, 14000 sq. meters in 2011, 18000 sq. meters in 2013 and 20000 sq. meters in 2015. IRE 2017 shall be spread out over 25000 Sq. meters.

National Rubber Conference

National Rubber Conferences are held four times a year in every region and each evoked a positive and overwhelming response. The themes for the NRC are carefully drafted to be most befitting in the current scenario. Keeping the interest of Rubber industry, efforts were made to focus on major issues and challenges faced by the Industry in the global scenario.

The motive of organizing the Conference is to collectively discuss the major issues and challenges by the Rubber industry. The industry players get exposed to new ideas and enhance their knowledge through presentations made by eminent speakers from the respective industry and institutions. The overwhelming response of delegates and their deep involvement can be observed during the interaction sessions. The presentations made during the conference justifying the theme of the conference. The benefit of NRC was increased camaraderie amongst the members of the region thereby strengthening the regions.

With the recognition that NRC has received we now have various rubber stakeholders come together with AIRIA to partner for the event. There are more focused programs for the rubber industry.

What are the publications of AIRIA? Open or Close

Rubber India and Ri weekly "Rubber India", the official organ of the Association was regularly published as per scheduled date on 6th or 7th of every month with steady increase in subscriber’s lists and in advertisement revenue. The Journal, comprising technical as well as non-technical articles