All India Rubber Industries Association

From the President's Desk

Kamal K Chowdhury
Kamal K. Chowdhury

Dear members,

Having the opportunity to continue as President of AIRIA for the 2nd term is an honour.  I am abundantly thankful to each and every one of you for the conviction rested in me.  The essential goal of AIRIA is to develop the Indian rubber industry, support and advance your business as a true catalyst.  Truth be told, I’m a proponent of more constituents of the industry getting involved in the globe.  The size of the business – small, medium or large – doesn’t matter.  Promoting trade both within the country and in any part of world is a priority.  What services could the Association add to show you more value?  What do you figure our position ought to be on key subjects of business progress? We anticipate a lot of tuning in from you.

This year too we would keep on holding an assortment of programmes of topical significance and ache for your support in extensive numbers to make some "a-ha" moments for your valuable inputs.  The crux of the issue is the need of boosting your and our representation with solid data.  The questions are –

• Whether you can and are willing to outfit us with big data on micro and macro basis to back up your lobbying agendas,
• Whether you can defend the viability of your product segments of the rubber industry,
• What data you need from the Association to grow.
• Whether you can and are willing to regularly provide us with your production data, capacity utilization, gross value-added (GVA) per unit output as well as GVA per unit input, domestic market size, challenges, threats, etc.
• Whether you can as a whole quantify the contribution of your product segment to GDP.

You may ponder 'for what reason do we request the information?' Well, you know, the present day blast of data known as Big Data predicts a radical perspective in business, much like that of the personal computer and the Internet. Big Data is imperative for each division in the worldwide economy—as fundamental a factor of production as physical and human capital. Big data, Big decisions - Large enlightening data and in-depth  analysis of the same can influence new things, redesign existing organizations, basically upgrade essential initiative, direct and restrain risks, and make critical bits of information about operations and client idea.

Last but not the least, you may rest assured that AIRIA will take due care to maintain the privacy and secrecy of the data that can be made available to us by the individual members.  From our end it will be reflected only on generalized and macro basis.

Offering thanks to you and soliciting your support & cooperation,

Regards and best wishes!

(Kamal K. Chowdhury)