All India Rubber Industries Association

From the President's Desk

V.T. Chandhrasekharan

Dear Friends,

There are two major and positive things which have happened in the last one month for the industry in general and the rubber industry in particular.

The first most important thing to have happened for the industry is, the announcement by the Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, that India will not be signing the RCEP Agreement. This has come as a great relief to the industry, as signing it would have exposed the entire Indian market to the world, and cheaper imported products, which may not meet our quality & safety standards, would have flooded the domestic market for various reasons.

The other important thing to have happened for the rubber industry in particular, is that the Commerce Ministry has categorically understood the problems created for the rubber industry, due to the various FTA’s and Bilateral Trade Agreements signed by the Government of India, leading to an Inverted Duty Structure. The Honorable Commerce Minister has assured us that he would look into this situation, and has sought information from our Association to substantiate our claims. Our Secretariat is working over-time to feed this data to the ministry, so that our long-time demand to remove this trade anomaly is addressed.

“Excon -2019” happening at Bangalore during December, is one of the largest construction equipment expos to happen in Asia, and the construction equipment industry is one of the largest consumers of rubber products in the world. I use this window to highlight this upcoming opportunity, for the benefit of our friends in the rubber industry.

The last of the NRC’s for this year, is going to be held at Kolkata on the 4th and 5th of December. Needless to say, the regional committee in the East has put in a lot of effort to assemble a series of lectures and discussions, which would be quite useful for all our members. I would urge you to actively participate in such events so that we can have much greater interactions amongst ourselves, and also get to know the latest trends in the industry.

Lastly this year has passed by so quickly, that we suddenly realize that we are in the final month of the calendar year. When we look back, there are so many things which have happened – the good & the not so good. These moods of high and low are like the tide in the sea and will never cease to happen. Let us cherish the good things which have happened for us in this year, and pray that the tough phase just moves away like the passing clouds.

I wish all our readers “Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year”, in advance. I sincerely hope that the New Year brings in a lot of joy and wellness for you & your families.

Praying for a successful year ahead in business.

Yours truly,

V.T. Chandhrasekharan