All India Rubber Industries Association

From the President's Desk

Kamal K Chowdhury
Kamal K. Chowdhury

Dear Readers,

Warm greetings!

The month of October ushers in a season of festivities - both religious and social in nature - marked by fun, enthusiasm and celebrations. I believe you all enjoyed the festivities with happiness and joyful celebrations notwithstanding the terrorism originating from across the boarder in Jammu & Kashmir to destabilise our country, thanks to our forces for formidable resistance.

Now upon resuming in full swing after Diwali, it is natural that you are advancing your business of manufacturing and trade - a lifelong passion, a good day’s work. You love manufacturing because there’s always a product or a process that can be improved upon and you care for challenges. As to the question: “What does your job entail?”, maybe it’s different every day for many of you in the MSME sector in particular. One day you could be supporting a lean project in the factory or running a team-building exercise; the next day you could be joining the fellow manufacturers to bring manufacturing issues or ideas forward to the Government. Your proudest moment may be celebrating your Company foundation anniversary with your employees and their families, vendors, customers, local dignitaries, etc. and commemorating the event with something special.

Whatever it is, Rubber industry is becoming more technologically advanced. It’s not a dark and dingy place to work any more. If you are creative and curious, and like to build things, there are opportunities. Rubber is unique, strategic, omnipotent and irreplaceable. No Rubber - No transport, no mining, no energy, no household appliances, and so on. I am optimistic of a promising future of our rubber industry. But there are many odds, for example, Market Volatility, Material Costs, Price Reduction Pressures, Labour Costs, Transportation/Logistic Costs, Environmental Laws and Regulations, Business Regulations, Global Competition, etc. Against these, our priorities and challenges are, for example: Going for Growth, Market and Operational challenges - the Need for Speed, On Time and On Target, Technology Priorities - Investing for the Future, New Product Development - Faster Speed to Market, Converting Strategy to Execution, Weighing a Multitude of Options, Talent Management - Attracting, Developing and Retaining Tomorrow’s Leaders, and Moving Forward on All Fronts.

Having regard to the above, may we come along please to work together? It is your Association functioning in plurality. Therefore, you need to take it forward the way it is deemed fit and proper for your own benefit for facilitation and promotion of your business on macro basis against the odds and challenges.

Best regards,
(Kamal K. Chowdhury)